Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services SingaporeA clean and orderly place of work creates efficiency and job motivation while ensuring error-free, exceptional work.  All top organisations encourage their employees to keep their work stations as clear as possible by setting strict rules about cleanliness.  This is not only to keep up superior appearances.  According to research, an employee’s ability to maintain a tidy work space reflects in his/her work.  Naturally, a top notch worker is associated with an organised desk while the messy ones are considered lazy and irresponsible, affecting their chances of attracting favourable opportunities and reviews.

In many offices, branch employees, top management, vendors, clients or potential employees visit on a regular basis.  These individuals carry back with them a company image based on what they see.  Hence, a disorganised, cluttered office premise is likely to create a negative impression in the minds of these visitors.  This may affect business relations and brand equity.

In today’s day of a virtually paperless society, keeping an office clean has become easier.  Yet, due to the pace of the business environment, cleanliness at the workplace is often neglected.

Outsourcing your Office Cleaning

Professionally trained agencies such as A1 Cleaning Services are equipped with the tools and knowhow to do a thorough job of cleaning, tidying and ensuring high sanitation standards for your company.

Here are a few typical steps involved in keeping an office spotless:

  1. Wipe and clean floors, or vacuum if carpeted
  2. Dust computer screen, CPU and keyboard with microfiber cloth. Wipe down desk surface and legs
  3. Dust surfaces of cabinets, tables, bookshelves and other furniture
  4. Treat spots or stains on fabric chairs, wipe down arms and legs of chairs, clear dirt off wheels of swivel chairs
  5. Wipe and sanitize items such as phones, intercoms and remote controls
  6. Wipe and wash down all doors and windows with detergent or soap water (including glass)
  7. Vacuum and dust curtains and blinds
  8. Clean light fixtures, fans, air-conditioner cabinets with a duster or cloth
  9. Clean pantry area, especially if there’s a sink, microwave or other devices such as tea/coffee kettles, machines.
  10. Empty out all the trash cans
  11. Clean and disinfect bathroom sink and toilet bowl

Points to note before calling a Cleaning Company

Office Cleaning Services SingaporeIt is ideal to call over the cleaning team at a time when there are no or less employees in the office to ensure that your staff is not disturbed by the cleaning procedure.  It is also equally important to communicate and task your work force for ensuring a few things are taken care of prior to a cleaning agency visit such as – keeping valuables and documents under lock and key, disposing of leftover food as soon as they are done with it, flushing the toilets after use and so on.

A1 Cleaning Services offers regular cleaning packages as well as professional cleaners on an ad hoc basis.  We also undertake specific office cleaning tasks such as Carpet Cleaning and housekeeping duties in the hospitality sector that can be customized as per your needs.

Ensure that you and your employees are able to perform daily tasks to their optimum abilities, without being distracted by a messy office.  To book an appointment or get a suitable quotation for your office premise, do get in touch with our team today and watch your production boom!