Ad-hoc Cleaning Services

Ad Hoc Cleaning Services SingaporeEvery once a while, all homes and work spaces require a deep clean.  Whatever the reason may be, whether you are moving in or moving out of an apartment, end of current tenancy or renting out to new tenant, celebrations or other special events, such occasions warrant for a quick and intense sprucing up.  Many times, alongside with your regular cleaning schedule, maintenance of certain parts of the house are neglected such as the store room, air con vents, fans, curtains, removal of cobwebs and so on.

Preparing for an Ad-hoc Cleaning Service

Ad-hoc cleaning requires some amount of planning beforehand.  Here are some pointers on executing a successful tidy-up session:-

  • Decide on a convenient date and time, e.g. when kids are in school
  • Be available throughout the cleaning session to inspect on work carried out
  • Make a list of areas and items to be cleaned.  Remember that this is not your daily or weekly routine clean-up.  Target specific areas that do not need regular cleaning
  • Estimate the time to be taken and clearly mention this upon booking
  • Get all cleaning materials and tools ready
  • Upon arrival of the part time help, give clear and concise instructions.  State the areas from where to start and if possible make a checklist to cross out the task completed

Identifying areas to be cleaned

Ad-hoc cleaning is usually engaged as an add-on to your daily chores.  Hence, the areas to be maintained will also be different.  Below is a sample list for your consideration:-

  • Uncluttering of store room and disposal of trash
  • Dusting hard to reach places such as above cupboards and air-con units
  • Scrubbing of toilet walls, chemical wash
  • Clearing and disinfecting the inside of refrigerator, oven and hood
  • Sorting and tidying the pantry
  • Other chores based on individual needs

After the tidy up, it is advisable to inspect the work done.  Go through your checklist to make sure all tasks have been completed.  A1 Cleaning Services guarantees you satisfaction in every corner of your home.

Bear in mind that together with your daily cleaning routine, such one-off cleaning will provide your dwelling with a deep cleansing which is beneficial to both body and mind.  Your nest will be refreshed and organized.

A1 Cleaning Services caters to all types of ad-hoc cleaning requirements such as

Ad Hoc Cleaning Services Singaporethereby providing an intensive and comprehensive clean-up that can keep your living space and work area sparkling clean.

Our team of professionals are well trained and equipped with skills to overcome the toughest of jobs.  We can also fulfill urgent, on short notice enquiries with our pool of committed Singaporean and PR housekeepers.  Leave the mundane task of cleaning to us and enjoy your life.