Aircon Cleaning & Servicing

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Air conditioners are popular in Singapore due to the country’s hot weather. They give off cool air for comfort. However, a dirty and dusty aircon generates the opposite effect! A dirty aircon affects the air we breathe in, causing allergies or illnesses. Furthermore, a dirty aircon can damage internal machine parts causing malfunction.

A1 cleaning services offer you the best aircon cleaning and servicing that you need for your aircon.

Why have a regular Aircon Cleaning schedule?

Aircon cleaning is required to boost your air quality. With regular maintenance of your aircon, clean air is filtered out of your air conditioners. It also removes foul odours that your aircon emits. This ensures the air you are breathing in is clean and fresh, preventing any allergies or illnesses. It also prevents dirty particles damaging your aircon units.

So, just like a routine home or office cleaning schedule is necessary so is the case for aircon maintenance.

While some may initially think servicing is a waste, but regular aircon servicing in fact saves you money. Leaving the small issues untreated at first can result in major problems later. Thus, cleaning your aircon regularly prevents major replacements of parts or units in the future. It also prevents permanent damage to your aircon units, thus saving cost of buying a new unit.

Scope of Services We Offer

Our technicians are trained and skilled in all required tasks needed to ensure that your Air Conditioning System is optimizing and delivering on its intended purpose. Here’s the gamut of the service we provide to customers –

AC Chemical CleaningGeneral Servicing

  • Removal and cleaning of front panel and air filters
  • Cleaning and inspection of aircon fan and cover
  • Cleaning of algae and disinfection of the water tray
  • Checking, deodorising and purifying aircon filter
  • Checking blower, motor, operating pressures, drain lines, coils, temperatures and refrigerant levels

Chemical Wash

  • Chemical disinfection and unclogging of air filters and internal fans
  • Cleaning of fan and cooling coils
  • Flushing of internal air filters

Aircon Repair

  • Water leakage from aircon
  • Temperature control not working
  • Replacement of malfunctioning parts and installation of new parts
  • Gas replacements
  • Full inspection and repair of issues

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When to plan and price estimates for Servicing and Cleaning

Regardless of whether your unit faces any problem it is advisable to have a cleaning regime. You should have it cleaned and serviced by professionals at least once a year. And as an office or homeowner, the best thing to do for your unit is to change your filter once a month.

The cost for cleaning and servicing of aircon starts from $20 and upwards for general servicing to a few hundred dollars for a thorough servicing.

When to Schedule

Simple cleaning like cleaning the filters and exterior part of the aircon can be DIY as and when you have the need and time. For more concise cleaning its best to leave it to the experts and call them in at a convenient time that’s least disruptive to everyone at home.

For Offices and Businesses, a good time to call for your aircon cleaning and servicing would be during off-peak hours, or perhaps during lunch hour. This ensures that the maintenance work does not affect your business and the productivity of the staff. Some aircon companies also operate on Sundays and public holidays to alleviate this challenge for the customer.

Why A1 Cleaning Services?

We are a licensed Cleaning Service Provider offering:-

  • Qualified and trained aircon cleaners
  • Dedicated and proficient aircon cleaners
  • 24 hour backing and methodical inspections

Call us now to get your Aircon unit cleaned, saving you reparation costs in the future.