Commercial Cleaning Services

building exterior cleaning

When one is engaged in any or all of the above duties, the essential job of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for employees to function in, can cause some stress.  In an office with limited administrative staff, daily cleaning can be an extra chore which cuts into their valuable time.

For large organizations and property management firms that own/operate buildings or industrial units, the task of upkeep and maintenance of the facility needs to be done on a much bigger scale.  Not just limited to interior cleaning but also of the surrounding areas and the precinct in general.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning service provider

Commercial Cleaning Services SingaporeTo improve operating efficiency and focus more on core business operations rather than get bogged down in low priority tasks, more and more businesses in Singapore are either contemplating using a professional cleaning service or already have used one.  The task of daily clearance and upkeep may be inconsequential but is essential to assist the smooth functioning of any office.  Hiring an external agency makes it less onerous for your staff.  The advantages of this outsourcing are becoming increasingly evident as the trend to hire cleaning service agencies is fast catching on.

Here are some possible reasons for this increasing trend:

  • The perfect job: No matter how adept your internal staff is, they cannot be better than a professional cleaning agency.  Professional cleaners are trained in the best practices in cleaning all kinds of items and surfaces.  They also possess the right material and equipment for the job.  Also, relieved of the responsibility of cleaning, your employees can concentrate on more important activities in a more focussed manner.
  • Economical: Investing in an external cleaning service is cost effective and efficient.  But be sure to engage the services of the cleaning agency at a time of the day that is convenient for your employees and does not disturb them.
  • Environment friendly: Some cleaning agencies such as A1 Cleaning Services utilise green products and equipment that is safe for your workforce and for the environment.  This is ideal for those companies who abide by an eco-friendly policy.

Scope of Commercial Cleaning Services

A1 Cleaning Services caters to a wide variety of commercial establishments such as corporate offices, industrial warehouses and factories, hospitals and clinics, schools, wet markets, food courts and more.  We have the know-how and equipment to clean all type of premises be it internal or external.

  • On a daily contract, we water jet outdoor floorings, vacuum/mop indoor floors, empty trash cans, clean and sanitize bathrooms, clean windows and mirrors, wipe down work stations and computers, wipe phones, remotes and intercoms, clean pantry area and so on
  • On a periodic basis, we wash blinds and curtains, wax tiled floors, shampoo carpets and so on

In case you require any of the above services or something more personalised, please contact the team of professionals at A1 Cleaning Services for a quotation or any advice on your commercial cleaning requirements.

Commercial Establishments we serve

  • Offices & Shop Houses – We provide general cleaning packages as well cater to specialised requirements such as Upholstery Cleaning, Deep Cleaning with disinfectants and so on
  • Factories – Cleaning routines for factories, facilities are different from Offices. These typically require more frequent action, sometimes 2 to 3 times a week using chemicals, acids, etc in order to ensure proper maintenance & upkeep
  • Schools – Music & Dance Schools, Yoga Studios, Kindergartens and so on often need to have a higher standard of cleanliness. This includes mopping of hard flooring, spot cleaning on glass and mirrors, etc
  • Hotels – Hotel Housekeeping includes a variety of tasks ranging from making beds to removing stains
  • Restaurants – From dishwashing to Kitchen deep cleaning. We provide regular part-time as well as and need based staffing
  • Clinics – Skincare/Beauty Salons, Dentists & GP Clinics, Therapy Clinics, etc require higher standards cleanliness and hygiene. Our trained staff are well-equipped to ensure that

Steps to order Cleaning Services for Commercial Establishment

  1. Let us know the location of the property
  2. Share details of your requirements – Area size, Job Scope, Number of Cleaners needed, Number of Days per week, Hours per session and so on
  3. If unsure of the above, ask for a No Obligations site visit by our operations manager
  4. We will send you a Quotation within 48 hours
  5. Upon Quotation acceptance, we will send a formal Agreement for endorsement & approval
  6. We will follow-up with the Schedule & Deployment of our staff