Dishwashing Services Singapore

rinsing of plates in sinkNo event or function is complete without food and drinks. Serving your guests in clean utensils and cutlery is a basic expectation that any attendee would have. Poorly washed dishes can not only tarnish the host’s reputation but also ruin appetite and is simply unhygienic. In extreme cases, it may even cause food poisoning! In Singapore, this can result in NEA issuing fines, demerit points and worse still, licences being revoked.

Proper Dishwashing eliminates germs, removes residual soap/detergent from utensils and helps improve appetite. However, many times due to shortage of manpower and poor work quality this tedious task of washing can get compromised. Having a dedicated and trained crew of dishwashers for events can prevent such situations.

A1 Facility Services has a team of experienced, professional cleaners and kitchen helpers to carry out various dishwashing tasks, giving you hygienic and clean tableware every time.

Scope of Dishwashing Activities

Dry cup and saucerDue to busy lifestyles and with both spouses working, many households have adopted to using dishwasher machines. While brands of dishwashers such as Bosch, are available for household usage, F&B and other establishments still rely on manual labour to complete these tasks due to the volume of task and shorter time availability on hand.

Dishwashing is not limited to just plate washing but includes cutlery, pots, pans and other vessels used to cook food. A typical sequence of tasks for a Dishwashing job includes –

  1. Wearing protective gear (apron, gloves, etc)
  2. Preparing Washing materials (cleaning liquid, scrubber/sponge, etc)
  3. Removal of food remnants
  4. Placing in a soaking tub
  5. Washing of cutlery, pots, utensils, etc
  6. Drying and inspection
  7. Stacking the washed items
  8. Transfer to Storage area
  9. Cleaning up the surrounding washing area and the sink to avoid lingering smells and pests

Our cleaners from A1 Facility Services ensure superior quality utensil cleaning and dish washing. From used plates and other cutlery to utensils used for cooking food and serving, our professionals will take care of all your cleaning services.

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Dishwashing Services for Events

food trays at eventWhile Dishwashing Services may usually be associated with kitchens, hawker or food courts. However, many other events and venues also require such services. A team of dishwashers as are typically on required and need to be on standby at –

  • Restaurants
  • MICE Events
  • Weddings
  • Festive Gatherings at event halls & homes
  • Funeral Wakes at void Decks and so on

Whether it is a large event or a small gathering at home, the staff at A1 Facility Services are trained professionals who are well equipped to take on any task, big or small. With our team of washers, the task can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose A1 Facility Services

While there are cleaning companies that offer off-site dishwashing services, A1 Facility Services specializes in on-site cleaning services. With our dedicated crew of dishwashers and kitchen helpers, you will have sparkling clean dishes plus a clean, tidy and organised kitchen ready for the next day. Let us take care of the cleaning and the mess, so you can focus on your event!

We are a licensed Cleaning Service Provider offering:-

  • Qualified and trained Dishwashers
  • Dedicated on-site Dishwashing Service
  • 24 hour backing and methodical inspections

Call us to get a free quote for our services today.