Kitchen Helpers and Cleaners

Helping to organize the kitchenCleaning is the major activity that every restaurant and F&B outlets across the world, including Singapore is focused upon. Unclean, unhygienic restaurants and food parlours not only put off the customers but also result in health hazards. Subsequent to food quality, the second aspect that is important for restaurants in Singapore to maintain is hygiene and kitchen cleanliness.

Sanitation and hygiene is not only limited to the wiping of the tables or cleaning the floors in the restaurants. It also takes in account the cleanliness of utensils used to cook and serve the food as well as other cutlery. It is thus imperative for restaurants to make the kitchen utmost clean.

We at A1 Cleaning Services offer experienced and professional kitchen helpers to carry out your cleaning tasks.

Importance of Guidelines

Opening a new restaurant or food court in Singapore requires the owner to abide by the guidelines of National Environment Agency (NEA) in respect to the sanitation and food quality. One simply cannot take chances when it comes to hygiene of eating places. Rules prescribed by NEA need to be followed by F & B outlets; non-compliance can result in a ban or closure of the business.

Services We Offer

A1 Cleaning Services offer expert kitchen helpers on part-time basis to help the restaurants and food and beverage outlets in Singapore get their cleaning tasks done effectively and extensively. Out trained professional take care of –

Helpers for Kitchen Cleaning1. Dish Washing and Utensil Cleaning

Our cleaners ensure superior quality utensil cleaning and dish washing. From used plates and other cutlery to utensils used for cooking food and serving, our professionals will take care of all your cleaning services.

2. Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment

Not only do we focus on offering dish and utensil washing but we also make sure to your kitchen equipment like gas burner stoves, grillers, deep fryers, ovens, soup kettles and other equipment used to cook food are scrubbed and sanitised.

3. Washing and Mopping of the Premises

With our expert services, you don’t have to worry about the washing and mopping of your restaurant premises. From cleaning of the wall tiles to sinks, glass and table tops, food store rooms, air con vents, fans and pipes we make sure they are according to the standards of NEA.

4. General Housekeeping and Cleaning

Our services also cover general housekeeping and cleaning services, including throwing off the rubbish, cleaning the trash, pest control, maintaining the seating arrangement and making sure that the dining area is spacious and clean for the customers.

Why A1 Cleaning services

When your last order is delivered and the kitchen is closed, our kitchen helpers start work. Our professionals ensure that your Kitchen is ready for the next day with thorough cleaning and proper organization of cooking tools. With our kitchen cleaning services, your backend work and frontend dining area will be prepared to carry out the action in pristine condition. Choose us when you want to make your banqueting experiences extraordinary and motivate your staff and guests alike

Kitchen cleaning service provider

We at A1 Cleaning services offer –

  • A high-class and clean restaurant, from dining area to the kitchen
  • Dedicated and proficient part-time kitchen helpers
  • 24 hour backing and methodical inspections

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