Part Time Cleaner

Part Time Cleaner SingaporeLiving in fast paced Singapore, people are always strapped for time and an extra pair of hands is always appreciated.  To meet the demands and maintain a desired lifestyle, certain aspects of our everyday life often gets neglected, among which is house chores.  Most of us are guilty of pushing housework to be tackled over the weekend.  This can get frustrating over time as precious weekend hours are wasted away doing mundane tasks.

Let A1 Cleaning Services be your extra pair of hands.  We are the professionals when it comes to cleaning services.  Be it a small apartment or a sprawling bungalow, a start-up office or an MNC, our team of dedicated workers will keep your living and work space sparkling clean.  Cast away your frustrations and look forward to a relaxed atmosphere right at your doorstep.

Why Hire Part Time Cleaner

If the decision of getting help has been made, it is now time to contemplate between hiring a part time or full time cleaner.  Here’s a list of pros and cons of hiring part time vs full time help which will aid you in making the right choice

Part Time Help

  • Committed to cleaning as this is their job and they are professionals at it
  • No time wastage.  House is cleaned according to package taken. Flexibility to engage cleaning service on a needs basis
  • Local or PRs who know the way of living in Singapore.  No culture shock or adjustment difficulties.  Familiar with appliances used
  • Flexible timings and dates according to clients preference
  • Flexibility to change helper if dissatisfied
  • No burden when travelling.   Just call to make another cleaning appointment upon return
  • Privacy is not compromised
  • No hassle of cleaners’ medical, visa, food and lodging, etc. issues
  • No language / communication barrier
  • No legal obligations
  • Lack of trust to leave the house unattended
  • May not be available during emergencies
  • May turn out expensive if amount of work is significant and required on a daily basis

Full Time Help

  • Available 24/7
  • Beneficial for caring of young children or elderly parents
  • Able to have couple time while helper babysits
  • May not be a chosen career path but more out of compulsion
  • New maids may not have prior experience and would need training
  • Language and culture barriers
  • Fear of child or elderly abuse
  • Have to fork out substantial hiring costs upfront – agency fees, maid’s loan and insurance
  • On-going overheads besides salary such as levy, doctor visits, utilities, misc monthly expenses, etc
  • Make living arrangements for helper
  • Stress of maid transferring out and rehiring process

Part Time Cleaner SingaporeAs implied from the comparison table, the benefits on hiring part time assistance far outweigh the drawbacks.

In commercial establishments and corporate offices, a part time cleaner can be hired to clean the premises when the staff are out on lunch break.  Getting professional help to do the vacuuming, emptying out of individual trash, washing mugs and plates and keeping the pantry area clean can save employee productive time.

A1 Cleaning Services is just a phone call away in providing you with a suitable part time helper, leaving you liberated to attend to more important matters.  Make that choice and call us now