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4 Ways To Clean Carpets And Make Them Look New Again

Brown stains from a dropped cup of coffee….drops of juice spilled from a glass full of beverage…muddy shoe soles getting wiped clean….there are uncountable reasons why your carpet can be soiled and stained.  And these are reasons over above the general tear and wear which the flooring has to endure due to everyday use.  No […]

Why hiring an licensed Cleaning Company is a smarter choice

If you’re sulking over the quality of cleaning done by your full time helper at home or feeling agonized by the behaviour and skill level of a part time cleaner that you hired recently, then this post is just for you. Low standards of cleaning and unprofessional work attitude is a wide-spread problem faced by […]

5 Cleaning & Sanitation Practices you should follow if you Handle Food

Singaporeans are food lovers…hawker centers, food courts and restaurants may be among the most visited places besides our homes and offices! However, inadvertently sometimes F & B Businesses ignore the way food is handled resulting in food poisoning cases that have led authorities to cancel food licenses and even shut down some establishments. Cleaning and […]

Spring Cleaning Tips [Infographic]

Have a Spick and Span house in no time with these Spring Cleaning tips Which words do you associate with spring cleaning? Stress and Hard work?  Dread-filled ordeal?  Corporal Punishment???!! or just ‘Err… Yuck’! Well, here we are to re-program your beliefs about spring cleaning the house by showing you how easy it can be […]

Lazy Cleaning Tips

The lazy homeowner’s way of keeping the home clean! Most daily chores are monotonous.  This is, firstly, owing to the mind-numbing repetitiveness of the action and secondly, they’re just SO PLAIN BORING!  Topping the bore chore list, would have to be Cleaning.  The next least favourite being a toss-up between ironing and doing the dishes… […]

Hire Cleaning Lady

5 Things you must do before Hiring a Cleaning Lady The concept of outsourcing the Home and Office Cleaning Function is fast catching on in Singapore.    Today, Professional Cleaning Services are readily available and affordable enough to engage on a regular basis. It has therefore become necessary for citizens to increase their awareness about how […]

Vital Cleaning Supplies

Vital cleaning supplies that you must never run out of! First impressions of any room are based on appearance and comfort….what you see and how you feel, when you enter a home, office or any other establishment.  This, of course, depends on the décor elements and amenities on the premise. But more importantly, it matters […]