Ironing Service

Ironing Services SingaporeThe way you present yourself, whether in the work place or at a social function, depends heavily on your appearance.  No matter how simple your clothing, if it’s clean and ironed well, it can transform your presence into an impressionable one. Image managers world over claim that attire plays a large role in making a mark, where you go.  The way you dress and look makes a first impression and affects perceptions in the long run.

Another fact: Ironing is considered to be one of the most tedious and monotonous chores of all. People dread the act of ironing their clothes and many housekeepers and hired help refuse to do the job! Some individuals also admit they would rather wear something that’s ‘slightly wrinkled’ than to have to iron it, especially when they’re running late for an event or work.  But that we know could be detrimental to our self portrayal… When self confidence means so much, any compromise on aspects which can be altered seems futile, especially regarding one’s appearance.

The good news is that there are now experts who will take on the task of ironing your clothes for you, with pleasure.  Not only that but they ensure your prized clothing is perfectly ironed within your premises, leaving them, crisp and in a ready-to-win state!

Advantages of Hiring Ironing Services

Ironing Services SingaporeApart from being relieved of the chore of ironing, outsourcing this dreary task leaves you more time for other activities.  These could be recreational or simple family moments that are far more important and energising than such household duties.  For certain clothing, one is required to be extra careful especially with fabrics such as chiffon, organdie or expensive silks.  Professional companies such as A1 Cleaning Services are equipped with the expertise to ensure your pricey wear is safeguarded and treated with utmost care.

Hiring an ironing service also reduces morning stress when you’re looking for something presentable to wear every morning.  A set range of regularly ironed wear makes it easy to choose that perfect outfit, cutting down on time and effort when you’re rushing for work or for an after work function. The only clothes we do not iron are your innerwear.  Otherwise, everything else is included in our convenient packages.  And you can be assured that your clothes are ironed in a way that ensures that you’re never let down by the clothes you wear.

Best ironing practices that we follow

In order to give our customers perfectly ironed clothes that are ready to wear, some best practices that we follow –

  • Prior to beginning an ironing job, it is important to check the fabric and ensure it can be ironed and if so, at which temperature e.g. wool or blended material requires lighter heat settings than cotton
  • After setting the steam and heat, begin ironing while paying careful attention to the seams, pockets and pleats.  Highly wrinkled clothes may need to be dampened with water before ironing. Iron on both sides
  • The clothes are then kept to cool in a hung or folded manner. There are specific ways in which to fold or hang every item of clothing, which ensures that the ironing effect is not damaged
  • Your perfectly ironed clothes are ready to wear!

So if you feel that outsourcing your ironing is a simple step in raising your standard of living and reducing some stress, then why not? Do contact us to enquire about the packages available.  Your dreams of living an ironing-free life may not be that unattainable, after all!