Spring Cleaning

The concept of ‘Spring Cleaning’ originates from many traditional cultural beliefsSpring Cleaning Services Singapore
of the Persian, Jewish, Chinese and some from the North American and Northern Europe regions.  According to some of these customs, the season of Spring signifies their New Year or a new start to their lives. Fresh spring growth stands for good luck and abundance.  This is why a regular spring cleaning is still considered auspicious and a sign of positive things to come.

In fact, many important festivals from around the world still drive the concept of a spring cleaning and a spring cleaning is therefore considered important.

Festive Spring Cleaning in Singapore

Spring Cleaning Services SingaporeIn a country such as Singapore, we are lucky to be bestowed with an array of festive occasions owing to our multicultural populace.  The Chinese New Year, known as The Spring Festival is an apt occasion to undertake a total home cleansing exercise.  The Chinese describe their spring festival time as being one in which to sweep out all ill fortune, only to make way for all the good that awaits them.  The Hari Raya Adil Fitri representing the end of a personal cleansing, post the Ramadan month, is also an ideal time to indulge your home in a thorough spring cleaning.  The night before Diwali or Deepawali, the main evening of Lakshmi Pujan, it is a custom to clean and re-decorate ones home in preparation for the celebrations.  Hence, all these events have spiritual significance that has been proven to be relevant time and again.

Other special occasions such as the arrival of guests or a new baby, a promotion or a family achievement are also good reasons to spring clean.  You, however don’t need to wait for a specific time or opportunity to initiate a spring cleaning for your premises.  It just takes a feeling of stagnancy or a need to clear the clutter.

Hiring a professional cleaning company for your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a strenuous and time consuming task.  Those who attempt it on their own sure do have a big mission at hand!  The better option is to outsource the entire process to a professional agency that is adept at carrying out such projects.  Due to the detailed and numerous steps that a spring cleaning requires, two or more hands are better than one.

A1 Cleaning Services is equipped with the staff, equipment and willingness to get your spring cleaning job done without a hitch.  Our spring cleaning program includes thorough cleaning of the entire house.  Methodical washing of all floors, doors, windows, fans, gates and contents within such as furniture, wiping of closets and cupboards, bathroom amenities, kitchen elements and even storerooms, basements and attics, if any.  Besides the cleaning ritual our staff can also help you pack and dispose your unwanted or old items which is customary when you are tidying up your place before any celebration or occasion.

For details on our spring cleaning program, please contact the team at A1 Cleaning Services at the earliest, especially if you are planning to engage us before any specific festival such as the Lunar New Year (CNY).  This will ensure you get your booking in time, and your home is ready to welcome its new beginnings.