Weekly Cleaning Services

Weekly Cleaning Services SingaporeAfter a hard day’s work, the last thing you would want to worry about is cleaning your house.  Cleaning the home can be exhausting and time consuming.  Today’s demanding lifestyle leaves little time for housekeeping.  And if you have kids, then coming home to a clean, spick and span home may seem like a dream come true.  With or without kids, everyone deserves a clean, healthy environment to live in.  A1 Cleaning Services aims to provide homeowners just that – regular cleaning services to help you keep your residence dust and allergen free.

Weekly Cleaning Services Singapore

Which is the right cleaning package for me?

With a range of cleaning services available, how do you know which package is the right fit for you?  If you are a young working couple, then a weekly cleaning schedule would suffice.  A fully air-conditioned apartment also would mean less dust accumulating and therefore the need for frequent vacuuming or mopping is eliminated.

A family with young kids or elderly parents on the other hand may want to consider twice a week or three times a week cleaning service.  Such households will have more stringent hygiene requirements as the tendency of young children or the elderly falling sick is higher.  Thus, keeping the living environment free from dust and dirt should be of utmost importance.

Make a cleaning schedule

Identifying what chores can be categorized under weekly cleaning and what is to be done as a daily ritual will help you get the most out of the cleaning service that you have decided upon.  Shown below is a sample of what a weekly schedule can comprise of for a typical 4-room HDB flat.

Area to cleanApprox time takenTotal time taken
Dusting, vacuuming and mopping20 min per room80 min
Cleaning bathroom20 min per bathroom40 min
Kitchen 30 min30 min
Ironing30 min / 6-8 pcs30 min

Part-time vs Full-time domestic help

Hiring a domestic worker whether part-time or full-time has its pros and cons.  Making a choice of which to employ boils down to necessity.  One of the most major drawback of hiring a full-time worker (maid) would be that of a loss of privacy.  In Singapore, where the majority of people live in apartments, having a stranger live with you in a confined place is not comfortable.  Instead hiring part-time domestic help who cleans as per a fixed schedule would be ideal.  Here’s why

Pros for hiring part-time domestic help

  • Privacy is not compromised
  • No botheration to provide food, lodging and medical expenses
  • No stress about maid running away or inviting unwanted guests in your absence or getting involved in other vices
  • No worries of child or elderly abuse
  • Pay for the type of service required without compromising on the quality of cleaning
  • Flexibility of increasing or decreasing number of cleaning visits as and when needed
  • Affordable hourly rates
  • Professional cleaning service provided
  • And many more …

A1 Cleaning Services offers a wide range of cleaning packages to meet your needs according to the type of your dwelling.  Call us now and we will sweep your worries away with our affordable packages.