Hotel Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

Hotel maid with housekeeping cartOne of the key ingredients of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry is cleanliness and upkeep.  Housekeeping services are important for hotels to maintain and we at A1 cleaning services ensure that your place is entirely clean.  Our highly trained staff offer superior quality housekeeping services varying from cleaning chores in every area to hard floor care and carpet cleaning.

Importance of Housekeeping

With the rise of tourism and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibition) industry in Singapore, hotels and resorts are seeking opportunities to match standards of the best International hotels. The major task of Singapore hoteliers is to maintain clean standards in their rooms, lobby and common areas, as this is the prime factor for satisfying the customers. Housekeeping services comprises of all cleanliness and other ancillary services. Since standards result in building the reputation of your hotel, we ensure that our part-time professionals offer you international standard services.

Housekeeping department today plays a crucial role in determining if the Hotel stay for the guests is pleasant experience. Not only does room accommodation generate major income but is also a prime factor in determining whether the Hotel will receive the five stars ratings in customer reviews. With our expert services, we ensure that your guests leave satisfied and contribute to increased revenue of your business. Our trained and dedicated staff offer superior quality housekeeping services varying from cleaning chores in every area to hard floor care and carpet cleaning.

Housekeeping Tasks that our Staff do

Housekeeping in hotels is a physically demanding job that comprises of several tasks. The work of the housekeepers is based upon the room’s size as well as the number of beds. On an average it takes thirty minutes for housekeepers to ensure cleanliness in the rooms.

Housekeeping chores in hotelsHousekeeping services offered by us includes effective cleaning tasks such as –

  • Making beds
  • Cleaning and polishing taps, toilets, bathtubs, sinks and mirrors
  • Tidying rooms
  • Washing floors
  • Emptying of dustbins
  • Vacuuming
  • Removing Stains and so on

In addition to these cleaning services, our part-time housekeeping maids also ensure any additional needs are taken care of. Our professionals gladly take the extra chores off your hands and offer you services like ironing, interior window cleaning, cupboard cleaning, carpet cleaning, air conditioner cleaning and fridge cleaning.

Benefits of our part-time Housekeeping Services

If you are looking for part-time staff, then A1 cleaning services offers you expert professionals who are qualified enough to handle all the cleaning tasks. With our part-time housekeeping services you can gain benefits such as –

  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Hire professional housekeeping staff only for the number of hours required
  • No obligation to offer benefits to part-time housekeeping professionals
  • Flexibility of working
  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • Clean rooms and lobbies
  • 24 hour services
  • Affordable hiring of proficient staff

Hotel housekeeping service provider

Who we Serve

We at A1 Cleaning Services offer housekeeping services to premium (such as resorts in Sentosa) as well as budget hotels (in city fringe areas like Geylang, Little India, etc). With an aim to help the hotels and resorts meet the high standards of hygiene, we make sure that our professionals are trained and experienced in their field and offer quality services to our clients. Our affordable part-time Hotel Housekeeping Services will ensure your guests have a comfortable stay and come again for repeat stays.