Pest Control for Offices & Commercial Establishments

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As the owner of a commercial property or business, one of the key responsibilities would be to keep the premises safe, clean & inhabitable for people to work. Giving extra attention on appearance, cleanliness and sanitation of business premises is often a top priority. Hence, a pest problem can be a major cause for concern.

Fortunately, in Singapore it is not hard to find reliable Vector Control Operators that can give you peace of mind and ensure a productive work environment at your facility.

Pests as Workplace OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) Hazards

In any type of industry, be it an office, school or F&B establishment, pests can prove to be a health hazard. Due to shared common spaces a small infestation can quickly escalate into a large one. Not only do pests give off a bad impression to customers but are also a turn off for employees bringing loss in productivity. More importantly they be a health hazard if not controlled, especially with pests carrying diseases that infect humans. Rodents and termites can also cause disruption to the workflow. Rats have been known to chew on cables, damaging expensive equipment and can also be fire hazards!

Commercial pest control services provided by pest busters know how to deal with such situations.

Pest control for Corporate Offices & Buildings

mosquito fogging in backyardPests are active year round and at one point of time your office premise or building is bound to be affected by them. Most facilities serve multiple businesses these days and experience high footfall. Commercial properties have shared walls, ceilings and common areas. Hence, pest sightings in common areas can cause disgust not only to employees and clients but even to potential tenants.

Working in a clean and safe environment is one of the basics that an employer should provide to his employees. This also includes a pest free area. Office staff may fall ill due to pests that carry diseases and this can affect business operations. Pests are responsible for structural damage to property as well as machinery and fittings.

For companies and front line establishments like retail that depend on walk in or human traffic, having pests crawling around will certainly affect the business.

Pest Management Strategies for Commercial Purposes

Designing a pest management strategy for your company according to your requirement is one step to better pest management. Vector control operators that offer 24 hours pest control services will ensure that disruptions during office hours are kept to a minimum.

Engaging and educating your staff in keeping the premises clean and rubbish free, keeping signs and allocating designated areas for eating are some ways to keeping pests at bay.

Pest Control for F & B Establishments

For food industry, cleanliness and health is the top priority. This means that the establishment must be pest and rodent free. In Singapore the NEA has very strict criteria when businesses apply for a F & B licence, one of which is to have pest control contract during the year-long licensing period. The inspection needs to be carried out at least once a month to detect any pest infestation. Look out for licensed Pest Control companies when searching for one.

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Why pest control is critical for F&B

Being in the F & B industry, cleanliness and hygiene standards are of utmost importance. Any sightings of pests within or even near the premise may result in a loss of patrons! Pests like rodents and cockroaches transmit diseases which can eventually be passed on to food that is consumed. This can result in people falling ill or having food poisoning. There is a risk of getting fined and in severe cases, your licence may be revoked.

Perils of Pest Infestation

Pests are not just a turn off to customers patronizing eateries and restaurants. They are a health hazard to the staff as well. However the most dangerous types are the ones you can’t see. Pests can burrow into food packaging, thus contaminating its contents. Their droppings, urine and saliva cause diseases. Rats are also known to gnaw on cables, which can damage expensive kitchen equipment.

Therefore pests are not only health hazards but also destroy property and reputation. Ensuring strict pest, specifically rodent control must hence be top priority.

Pest Management Strategies for F&B Operators

Following basic practices and good housekeeping can minimise the risk of infestation. Disposing of infested food products, regularly monitoring stored food for signs of pest infestation as well as proper sanitation and cleaning practices should be carried out.

Use of controlled pesticides during pest control

The NEA has a list of registered products that can be used for certain types of pests. Pesticides and repellents to be used have to first be registered prior to being sold. Products are labelled as “For General Use” and “Restricted Use”. Instructions are given on how to use these products effectively. With stringent checks we can be rest assured that products used by Pest Control companies are generally safe.

Why A1 Facility Services

Being a licensed service provider providing cleaning and pest control services for many years, A1 Facility Services guarantees customer satisfaction. Our professional and friendly staff trained in Singapore are available for deployment to keep your commercial establishment pest free. Call us today for a quote.